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This past weekend I caught a commercial for a new Christmas holiday movie Concussion. The whole world is being made aware of the issues with head injuries from sports to re-evaluate their own risk. The impending storm the NHL is facing looks grim. Without question, it will land it right where the NFL is, in the midst of a major lawsuit. The NLL need not worry about this right now. I do suspect in a few years there will be ex-players recounting their time in lacrosse while dealing with some symptoms of post traumatic head injury. It’s inevitable.  All of...

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The whole Canadian Lacrosse world has been working through the evolution of the regulations of our sport the past couple of years. New rules for goaltending equipment and net sizes hit us up a few years back. These days, face masks or head gear have become the centerpiece of an ongoing dilemma of what the rank and file has been asked to endure. I need to make something clear. I design and manufacturer lacrosse equipment and have been doing so for 25 years. I designed the face mask that revolutionized box lacrosse face masks back in 1999-2000 that is still...

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I’m not too sure what will remain as the lasting memory of the 2015 Mann Cup but Game No. 2 was a black eye for the sport and robbed the fans and teams of a chance to play and display lacrosse at its highest level.  Some will argue that this game represented tough lacrosse and I’m afraid I may offend those who think this is what transpired. This game is everything that is wrong with Canadian Lacrosse and one of the reasons why we can't get more attention while other sports like ball hockey, soccer and soon baseball are thriving....

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