Welcome to the O'Neill Lacrosse store, home of the Maximum Lacrosse (Max Lax) equipment series. Check out what we have to offer those who need equipment made to play the sport of indoor or box lacrosse. 

As early as 1988 Max Lax met demands for goalie equipment and today we still offer complete products at affordable pricing which has always been an issue for people buying proper box lacrosse equipment. 

Maximum Lacrosse was started by Marty (Martin) O’Neill, a former Western Lacrosse Association, Major Series Lacrosse, and National Lacrosse League goalie and ten year National Lacrosse League General Manager, when he returned to play Lacrosse after not having played for five years in 1987. 

In 1988 O’Neill began making shin pads for other goaltenders after they had seen the ones he produced for himself. In 1997 O’Neill partnered with the Goalie Store in Delta B.C. to start mass production of equipment for box lacrosse before shutting down in 2007. A decade of servicing box lacrosse in Canada and the United States was put on hold while O’Neill lived in Minnesota managing the Minnesota Swarm. 

In 2015 Max Lax returned with new products. 

When Maximum Lacrosse went silent in 2007 it was the leader of goalie equipment sales for box lacrosse in Canada. Max Lax supplied REEBOK with goalie gear for the National Lacrosse League for the 2006 and 2007 seasons and every professional goalie was wearing some piece of Max Lax equipment since 1997 to that point in time. 

Today, Maximum Lacrosse is making equipment specifically for box lacrosse players with the focus is on offering equipment for every position and all ages of players from Tykes to Masters. 

Max Lax equipment designs are based on safety and function without flashy graphics as a selling point. Ensuring the price is right and the protection is the highest quality is our goal. Additionally, our protective equipment offers more movement and less weight without sacrificing protection. High density plastic is strategically placed on every item we sell to keep away the bruises. 

Maximum Lacrosse is offering goaltending equipment that allows more movement. Movement is a key in the learning curve and development of skills of box lacrosse goaltending. Improvement in all aspects of playing the position will reveal your greatest potential over time. Movement will help you go to your next level and have a better experience doing it. We're sure that using our equipment for whatever position you play will enable you to become a stronger lacrosse player.