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CAT 3 (5’8” - 6’2”) - This Shin pad design was new for 2022 - built off past Maximum Lacrosse designs while updating to meet the demands of the modern Boxla Goalie. Maximum Lacrosse introduces the first dedicated Left and Right paired shin pads to hit the market. Built to work with the demands of the position supplying angled Knees to stop shins from fighting natural movement. The three-piece plastic foot protection provides the ultimate toe coverage because the plates are wider and shaped to distribute shots. Cold pressed USA-made plastic is used on all of our shins and is the strongest plastic available for sports. The knee area is hinged for flexibility as in the past. The knees wraps around for superior coverage to the inner knee. The soft inner foam in the leg channel provides a comfortable fit. This Shin pad has added protection for the back of the lower ankle area which also helps provide a secure fit.